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The principals at KPEG were looking to update their design from a flash based non-responsive inflexible design to a fullwidth, onepage, parallaxing, modern CMS web platform. We opted to use wordpress as their goals included high functionality plus ease of updating content. Additional benefits include the blog section and contact form integration. Now their website acts as a lead generation tool as well as providing marketing opportunities.

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Creating a Lead Gen Website

An important aspect for any modern website is to avoid the trap of “One and Done”.  Modern practices regarding Inbound Marketing recommend treating your website like an important part of your sales team. A 24/7 sales tool that is eagerly awaiting contacts. We developed the KPEG site with sales in mind. A number of locations have contact forms for the visitor to be instantly connected with KPEG.


No longer is blogging thought to be a pastime for bloviating or producing diatribes on your daily life. Instead it is now an active part of any marketing campaign with a very strategic focus. KPEG has a tool of great marketing power to reach their intended audience.

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Easily Get in Contact

The first sign of a good website is a simple and obvious way to get in contact. This can be a contact form, phone number, email, or even social media channel. By enabling KPEG’s pages to have a consistent sidebar, the most important information is easily on display.

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Visual Identity

Many businesses work in the artistic realm and have beautiful creations. As a full service Audio and Visual production company, KPEG posts its success on social media. By integrating it into the website, we see multiple streams of activity, ensuring the visitor that KPEG has immense talent and value.