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The Historic Districts Council welcomes a brand new app for their 6ToCelebrate series. Our app development includes geolocation services showcasing historic neighborhoods and specific site locations.  Included on the developed app are places for users to easily donate to HDC.

HDC now has a platform that displays their highlighted historic neighborhoods and accepts donations on the go.

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The main design for the 6 to Celebrate app was built around simplicity. We understand that users want something that is easy to use and doesn’t take days to try and figure out how to use the app. We utilized simple lines, a clean navigation and solid colors to make the app user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. The menu items were broken down into five main navigational links. Users are then given a list of neighborhoods from which they can choose to help them locate the information they desire.


Not only did we want to make the mobile app easy to use, but we also wanted to give it advanced functionality. The initial challenge we faced with the app was being able to maintain a consistent database between the app and their Web presence. The app was developed to integrate directly with the website. Any updates on the different locations on 6tocelebrate.org are reflected in the iOS and Android applications. This requires consistency for each site location, which was achieved by creating custom categories and taxonomies and using a repeatable layout. Every historic neighborhood has multiple site locations with featured images and a short description. Google Maps was used to showcase all sites in a simplified screen. Users can now peruse the sites based on neighborhoods, click on pins for additional information and continue to 6tocelebrate.org for additional information.


When designing any app, we understand that not all users are going to have the same type of devices. Because of this, we made sure that you can access the 6 to Celebrate app on either iOS or Android devices. Whether you are on a tablet or your smartphone, you can rest assured that you will be able to access the full line of features all rolled into one amazing app. Learning about the different cities is simple and easy when you use the 6 to Celebrate app.

As with any new app, there is always a trial phase where you aren’t sure whether people are going to like your app or not. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the app and users are finding it to be quite beneficial. The app is useful for both internal and public staff members. It has also proven to be a great educational tool. We hope many more will continue using the app and learning more about the different historic neighborhoods that New York City has to offer.

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Project Details

The Historic Districts Council requested our knowledge and expertise in developing an app for both iOS and Android OS that would allow them to present their historic neighborhoods to users across the world.

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