WPEngine Multisite: What You Need To Know

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If you are a heavy user of WordPress and have been looking around for ways to enhance your experience with it, chances are you may have heard of WPEngine multisite. In this article, we will be tackling:

  • Multisite
  • What it is
  • And how you can start using it alongside WPEngine

Once you figure all of this stuff out, you can work to make your site management experience all the easier.

WPEngine Multisite: What is Multisite?

Multisite is a WordPress technology that allows you to manage all of your sites from just one WordPress dashboard (sounds handy, doesn’t it?). The benefits of this are numerous: by having multisite enabled across multiple WordPress sites and domains, users can easily and effectively manage all of their sites without needing to manage multiple Dashboards. Having everything in one place is sometimes just what you need. Think of it like a Swiss army knife!

WPEngine Multisite vs WordPress Multisite

With WordPress multisite, you typically have to set up multisite manually. Setting up multisite on stock WordPress is a long, tedious process, even for experts who already know all the steps. People who do not know the steps will need to spend hours finding the right guide, and then performing the process step by step. It is one huge inconvenience for what is, on paper, a convenience feature (you can cut the irony of that with a knife), which would make you think it would be a lot easier to get up and running. The process fortunately stays convenient thanks to WPEngine multisite utility.

The multisite utility allows users to quickly and easily enable or disable multisite with just a few clicks, greatly simplifying all steps of the setup process. Whether you want a subdomain or subdirectory for your multisite network, the tool will walk you through all of the necessary setup steps. Since it performs backups during the beginning and end of the process, you can also easily roll it back if you decide that multisite is not for you or something goes wrong with it.

Once multisite is properly set up on your domain(s), you have a lot of utility at your disposal. In addition to everything being in one single, easy-to-manage Dashboard, WordPress updates only need to be applied once to apply everywhere, with plugins and themes only needing to be managed once. The benefits of multisite are clear for anyone managing multiple WordPress sites or domains already.

You Should Use WPEngine

In addition to an easy multisite setup process, WPEngine offers a multitude of incentives for different types of users, all focused around making WordPress a powerful, easy solution to use. Among the incentives include page performance optimization tools and free Secure Sockets Layer certificates. Click here to contact us for a free consultation.

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WPEngine Multisite offers WordPress users a high amount of control of their WordPress management experience, clearing up the potential confusing mess.

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