How WPEngine and WooCommerce Work Together

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In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits behind WPEngine WooCommerce and how you can use them together to improve your site and your business.

What is WPEngine?

WPEngine is a web hosting platform designed to host WordPress sites. It offers plans at various ranges of pricing and needs, and aims to take the experience of WordPress and make it even more feature-rich and easy to use. There are a number of extra features bundled into WPEngine, including:

  • Free Secure Sockets Layer certificates
  • An in-depth page performance testing tool with insights
  • Around-the-clock support
  • And more!

Many large business partners use WPEngine because of the power it offers.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. Specifically, it’s an eCommerce plugin, and it powers a total of 30% of online stores. That means even if you have not used it with your own site, chances are you have used it shopping online at one point or another. WooCommerce is available with multiple WordPress themes, but some of the better themes available include the Storefront and its child themes. WooCommerce also has a variety of extensions that allow integration with services like Google Analytics. As one of the most popular ways to host an online storefront, WooCommerce has taken the web by storm — and the best news about it? WPEngine works with it like a charm.

How do WPEngine WooCommerce work together?

Out of the box, some WooCommerce sites may encounter compatibility issues when used alongside WPEngine. This is because of WPEngine’s caching technology, which makes pages perform faster and consume less resources from the server. However, this part of WPEngine can be problematic with certain types of pages, and WooCommerce is known to have problems with this cache technology.

Fortunately, WPEngine has systems in place to help prevent this issue. The only thing that users need to do is contact Live Chat to exclude pages from caching. The best places to start include your cart and checkout pages, along with any other pages that are exhibiting issues with WPEngine. Once you have done that, you are set to enjoy all the benefits that both WPEngine and WooCommerce have to offer!

How can I get WPEngine WooCommerce?

A good place to start would be by contacting the folks at WPEngine for a free consultation. There are various tiers of plans available for different types of users and businesses, though there is something else you should look into when contacting them. There is a WPEngine Toolkit for WooCommerce offered with certain WPEngine plans. It offers features for monitoring Key Performance Indicators and one-tap payments with Stripe, both of which serve as a huge benefit to those trying to establish a viable website. However, since it’s not publicly available, you will need to mention the toolkit when you are talking to them if you want to get your hands on it. Communication is key, so do not hold anything back! The last thing you want to do is to not be able to get your business off of the ground, and no matter what kind of business you are – a pet store, a gun store, a hobby store, or a vintage Beanie Babies store – quality and competent understanding of WPEngine WooCommerce will be a major benefit for you.

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WPEngine and WooCommerce both represent vital components for establishing a website. Find out how to use them together to make your website viable.

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