How WPEngine Tools Enhances Your WordPress Experience

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WPEngine is a platform that provides managed WordPress hosting and offers the ability to migrate your entire WordPress site to their platform. As part of this goal WPEngine provides a variety of tools and features to make running and hosting your WordPress site easier. In this article we’ll be discussing the WPEngine tools provided to maximize your migration, including:

  • Automated Migration
  • Easy SSL
  • Page Performance Tools
  • Power Tools for Power Users

WPEngine Tools: Automated Migration

One of the greatest utilities offered by WPEngine is its automated migration tool. Once you’ve selected your plan and started to work with WPEngine, their automated migration tool will allow you to migrate your entire WordPress site to WPEngine with just a few minutes and clicks. After you’ve migrated your site, WPEngine offers a variety of tips and tools one can use to increase the site’s performance.

WPEngine Tools: Easy SSL

In addition to easy migration, WPEngine also offers easy Security Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a technology for establishing encryption. In layman’s terms, SSL ensures that a user’s personal data is kept private whenever they interact with a site or service. Thanks to WPEngine, all users have access to a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which they can install so they and their users can enjoy proper encryption when connected to their WordPress site.

WPEngine Tools: Page Performance Tool

Another of the WPEngine Tools, and perhaps the most notorious, is the Page Performance tool. WPEngine Page Performance allows users to quickly and easily run performance benchmarks on each and every page on their site. All a user needs to do is run the test from their WPEngine User Portal- after that, they will be provided with detailed insights that give great tips for improving performance with WPEngine.

WPEngine Tools: Power Tools For Power Users

Last but not least, WPEngine provides a variety of power tools for power users. Code-level PHP profiling can be used to find performance issues, for instance, while detailed error logs can allow users to fix a white screen of death. Direct SFTP access also allows users to edit code in their PC editor of choice, as opposed to being restricted to a web platform, and finally, Version Control offers access to Git and Github to easily manage code and code branches.

A variety of tools exist within WPEngine for a user to utilize with their WordPress site. If you’re looking for a powerful hosting WordPress hosting solution, WPEngine is by far one of the best options on the market.

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